About THAT Grey’s Anatomy Episode

*Spoiler Alert: If you didn’t watch S11 E21, or still don’t know what happened, save the link and come back later*

The thing that resonated with me the most from THAT Grey’s Anatomy episode, which was appropriately titled “How to Save a Life” is the quote:

“I’m going to die because these doctors weren’t properly trained”.

It was like a slap to the face; sharp, painful, and very very real.

As Fai said:

“It made me realize the importance of doing things right, taking your job seriously and following the guidelines; because they are there for a reason.
It makes your realize that you are saving the lives of people who mean the world to someone.
And it made me realize that if loosing this man on TV was this hurtful, I can’t begin to imagine how I would feel loosing someone I love in reality”

It is something we see almost every day! How small things snow-ball into catastrophes, things that could be avoided with proper training and precautions, with some care and attention..
As much as I hated what happened, though I was expecting it, I appreciate the lesson in the story, I hope others do too, as I begin to see -or maybe just recognize- how negligence happen.

I also appreciate taking a doctor across the imaginary line to assume the role of the patient, helpless, weak, and unable to communicate. A reminder that doctors are humans too, they get hurt, no matter how good or bad they are, even on TV, and they die too.

A nod of respect to Merdeith’s quote:

“He was your One. Every patient you treat, you are going to see his face and remember he was The One who died on your watch. He will haunt you! The hard ones always do, and it only takes that One. For that one will make you work harder, and they make you better, or they make you quit!”

Though it doesn’t take the death of the patient to make them memorable, every patient is memorable in their own way, but it hits you hard when one of your patients dies. Remember? Doctors are humans too, they feel loss, sadness, and grief, even if they tough it out, it is still there. 

The death of a beloved TV character brought sadness and tears to many eyes. Crying over a TV character may seem silly to some and no fun, but crying over real patients would be much much worse.. 

I hope I never have to be the one feeling sorry for not doing enough, or caring enough, or acting as I should..


About Afnan Amer

A Medical Intern who likes to think of herself as curious, ambitious, and a Book worm with interest in documentaries and dependence To-Do lists. A believer in social responsibility and the volunteering culture. You were not taught how to talk to remain silent!
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