Gold Fish Memory? Lucky You!



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It all started with a tweet, a replay, and a curious cat me!

A question! and I know the answer!

I start writing : “Gold fish are known to have very short memory, some believe that it’s as short as…”

mmm, how short? I wasn’t sure. I knew it was so short that by the time the fish finishes a lab in the tank it will forget its content. But that’s more than a 140 characters tweet can hold.

I needed a number.

where can I find better numbers than on Google? So, lets ask Mr.Google..

I clicked on the first link – a Wikipedia page – and what I found was shocking!

Goldfish have a memory-span of at least three months and can distinguish between different shapes, colors and sounds.[15][16] By using positive reinforcement, goldfish can be trained to recognize and to react to light signals of different colors[17] or to perform tricks, such as the limboslalom, fetch, and soccer.[18] Fish respond to certain colors most evidently in relation to feeding.[citation needed] Fish learn to anticipate feedings provided they occur at around the same time everyday.

I really believed that myth! I felt that I was cheated by the first person who told me this information. How lucky that I can’t remember who that was! I tried unsuccessfully to look for the origin of the myth, if you know it; I’d really want to know too..


On a last note; Once upon the time, Everyone knew the Earth is Flat!  it sounds ridiculous nowadays! and we thought that gold fish had 3-seconds- memory span, it sounds ridiculous now too, because we know for a fact that it is just a myth..

Who knows what (Facts) we know today, will sound ridiculous tomorrow?

Until then, be thankful if you have Gold fish-short term memory..


About Afnan Amer

A Medical Intern who likes to think of herself as curious, ambitious, and a Book worm with interest in documentaries and dependence To-Do lists. A believer in social responsibility and the volunteering culture. You were not taught how to talk to remain silent!
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2 Responses to Gold Fish Memory? Lucky You!

  1. وائل يار كتب:

    والله السمك في غرفتي لاحظت انو يعرفني ويعرف اخويا الصغير ..
    ووقت الأكل من يوم ما أفتح غطا الحوض يجي على طول يستنى الاكل ..

    شكراً دكتورة على المعلومات الرائعة..


  2. Asma كتب:

    Believe it or not its actually shimps who have the memory span of 3 seconds =D

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