The pursuit of perfection

“The pursuit of perfection often ends in Disappointment!” –Afnan Amer

Wait a second! I thought I was an optimist! Why am I saying this?

That’s simply because of the well-known fact that states:

“No one is perfect!”

So we’ll never reach perfection. Yet we still pursue perfection, yearn to reach it, and really really hope that one day someone is going to achieve it, and then we all can follow.

Why do we still believe this illusion?

That’s because we want to be better people, the best that we can. Our competitive human nature won’t let us stay where we are for a long time.

So we strive for perfection, but we know we aren’t going to reach it. But we won’t settle. We’ll move forward, Closer…and We’ll be better..

That’s why we do still believe.. Because we’ll still have the chance to be better…

We’ll be disappointed for a while, Then we’ll move on..

See, I AM an optimist :p

P.S:If you are confused by this post, Just look at the name of its category..
you’ll get it then =)



About Afnan Amer

A Medical Intern who likes to think of herself as curious, ambitious, and a Book worm with interest in documentaries and dependence To-Do lists. A believer in social responsibility and the volunteering culture. You were not taught how to talk to remain silent!
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